TV’s back! *spoiler alert*

The writer’s strike is over, and new shows are starting to appear.  I don’t actually have a TV, but there are three or four shows that I watch online.  First, and the one I’m least ashamed of is Friday Night Lights, about which David Kern will speak with much more eloquence than I.  Yet.  I highly recommend it, though this season is prematurely finished due to the writer’s strike.   But it has been picked up for a third season, so the fall looks bright.  Second, and possibly my favorite, is the Office, which had a new episode on Thursday (the whole fourth season so far can be watched at  Sadly, the new episode was one of the ones which, I think, are vital to the ethos of the show in that they delve into the sadness of the characters’ lives, yet really too sad to be funny.  Others may find it funny, and who am I to judge them?  😉  The only two places I laughed – *this is the spoiler alert, kids* – is when Jim realized that Michael had staged the late work day just to get Jim to say he had no plans so that he and Pam would have to come over for a dinner party, and when Jim tried to leave the party without Pam and Pam said, “You wouldn’t leave the party here all by itself, would you?”  Tee hee.  *end spoiler alert*

The new 30 Rock wasn’t all that exciting.  Not much to say about that, except that when they hit the sweet spot they hit it well, but there’s a lot of ho-humming while you wait for that to happen.

The last one I watch is pure escapism, and I excuse myself by telling you that MY PARENTS got me into it.  Grey’s Anatomy.  It’s basically a soap opera, but what keeps me coming back is the very serious struggle of Meredith Grey to cope with her past and her inner demons to accept the love that is right there in front of her on a silver platter.  Unfortunately the last show before the writer’s strike didn’t bode well for this progress.  I think the next new episode to GA is coming in a couple of weeks.

The other show I used to watch is LOST, but I am so hopelessly behind — somewhere in season 3 — that I fear I will never catch up.  Still, the whole thing from start to finish is online, so there’s still hope.  In case I do ever get back to it NOBODY TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS, okay?

I promise to write about deeper things than TV sometime soon.  Don’t leave me, okay?  I have abandonment issues.  I love you!  Don’t leave me!  Leave me alone!  And so on.  Yes, it’s exhausting to date me: I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a ton of patience and think I’m really cute (well, the chemistry helps build the patience, I guess).  😉

How are YOU?  Seriously, you never talk to me.  What are you FEELING?  What are your hopes and dreams?  I want to know!



2 comments on “TV’s back! *spoiler alert*

  1. jennifer says:

    I love tv! sometimes i take a break from all this work i have due and watch tv. I actually laughed A LOT at the office this week, but I blame watching it in a group, which makes everything funnier. Most of the time we were laughing thinking, “THIS ISN’T HAPPENING!” like the part where Jan said she’s going to go “start” dinner and it only takes “three hours” haha.


  2. Ashlee says:

    i also watch GA…and you need to catch up on LOST! it won’t take you too long if you have a couple marathons. plus, they have all of season 4 online!


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