Things I am thinking about today. An interesting subject: The African heritage of Christianity, and the historical and religious connection between Christianity and Islam. Also, I just received an email of an interesting book study on a similar subject, if anyone is interested.

Hi friends. I’d like to extend an invitation for you to join us on a journey to “explore a new path between two faiths.” Ralph and I have decided to read a book and interact via email (or a blog if someone wants to set one up) as we read it. The book is called, Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road by Paul-Gordon Chandler. This book explores how 2 faiths – Islam and Christianity – can not only coexist, but also enrich each other. “Chandler demonstrates the importance of removing Western cultural and religious trappings associated with Christ in the minds of Muslims, and encourages all to follow a Christ who first walked the Middle Eastern road.”

Here is a schedule for how we’ll read and interact on the book.

Monday, April 14 – Chapter 1 – Pilgrimage to Faith

Monday, April 21 – Chapter 2 – Journeying among Muslims

Monday, April 28 – Chapter 3 – Discovering Home

Monday, May 5 – Chapter 4 – Salaam on Islam

Monday, May 12 – Chapter 5 – A Muslim Disciple of Christ

Monday, May 19 – Chapter 6 – Resurrecting the Eastern Christ: Embracing the Semitic Face of Jesus

Monday, May 26 – Chapter 7 – Opening a Middle Eastern Book: Returning the Christian Scriptures to their Middle Eastern Origin

Monday, June 2 – Chapter 8 – Once upon a Time: Telling Eastern Stories of Faith to Muslim Audiences

Monday, June 9 – Chapter 9 – Questions to a Muslim Christian Pilgrim: An Interview with Mazhar Mallouhi

So, if you think you’d like to join us, get the book, start reading it and let me know so I can add you to the email/blog list. Also, feel free to invite any of your friends to join us. Maybe when we’re finished reading it we can all get together to have a final discussion. Because I have a bad one that is not going away. 😦 I want to get more involved at church again, but see for why I haven’t been in a while. I am at 62% and needing to get up to 70% to get on campus and get a salary. See as to why this is taking longer than I’d hoped.

The quote of the week goes to my six year old housemate Zachary, who cheerfully told me, “Sometimes I don’t know what I like more: God, toys, Pokemon cards…”

God is good.

How are you?


One comment on “Things I am thinking about today.

  1. Ed says:

    It’s a good book!!!


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