Ode to Amos

Not only is Amos — my six year old housemate — adorable, but he has the coolest brain. He’s always looking at things in different ways (than anyone else; than they’ve ever been looked at before). Here he is wearing the sack that my oranges came in.


The other day I was making my morning coffee, watched, as usual, by Amos, Naomi (age 4) and Elias (age 8), when Amos asked me, “Jessica, you like coffee, don’t you?”

“I LOVE coffee,” I replied. “If coffee were a man, I’d marry him.”

Amos grinned, and added enthusiastically, “And then you’d GRIND him!”

Hmm. Hopefully I will make a gentler wife than that. On the other hand, I guess you don’t want to get me too angry! Muahaha.

Actually, in that picture below I look ready to grind someone.  Better post a happier photo, in case any potential husbands are reading.


See, I’m nice, really; if just a bit scruffy.  In my defense I was on my way to bed in these photos.


One comment on “Ode to Amos

  1. LHuber says:

    Man oh man this post made me miss Amos and Greenhaus.

    I could just hear his voice as you shared his comments! I love the orange bag babushka

    I played ice hockey today and thought about the many hours ive spent on the ice with those boys.

    I miss you guys! Thanks for sharing!!!!!


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