Snow in Boston, and I was able to express a part of myself I haven’t in years.

Beauty, freedom and healing. That is what this snow represents to me today. And that it clung to each branch and twig, piling up to an inch thick in places: A miracle of balance and beauty!


I don’t know if the pictures can communicate the hushed greyness of the day, everything muffled and stilled by the snow: The cars still unshoveled, the heavy branches of the bushes forming arches over the sidewalks.  The clothes of the people walking by were the only bright colors in a peaceful dim closeness. Voices carried as if distance had been compacted; it was impossible for me not to look into the eyes of everyone I passed. Some looked back, and with some I shared a secret smile. You can always tell those people who are noticing the same things you are.  Since I was a kid I could tell.


One comment on “Nor’easter

  1. mudlark says:

    Loving the pictures, loving them even more since I don’t have to shovel it, wear a winter coat, or navigate frozen slippery roads!


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