Some details of my life, in pictures.

kitchen sinkWashing the shelf from the refrigerator: The water was pooling in the most perfectly round droplets.

dandelionsDandelion leaves: Laid out to dry by my 8 yr old housemate, Elias.

maple leavesThe maple leaves were also laid out to dry by Elias. He lay them randomly, not noticing the pattern that they made.

zipcarIf you don’t stop to think about it, you can be at the White Mountains in two hours. photo_091207_012.jpgphoto_091207_013.jpgMaine takes a bit longer, but is worth the trip.photo_091207_015.jpg

photo_091207_014.jpg photo_091207_005.jpgDetails of the top of Mt. Batty: Fir tree, blueberry bush, the first colors of autumn.


2 comments on “Some details of my life, in pictures.

  1. barbara says:

    A fun series. I love the designs Elias makes. Looks like natural talent to me.


  2. Jeanine says:

    Jessica, these photos are beautiful. Next time you decide to take photos in Maine give me a call and I’ll meet you at Mt. Batty!


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