How to write a to-DONE list

to-doneHow to write a to-done list in three easy steps:

1) Go about your day. Be as spacey and scattered as you want, it’s okay. Introverts and artists need days to just wander around doing nothing in particular. If you are not an introvert or an artist, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not sure what you people do. Go to parties? Accomplish things? Those are not my areas of expertise. 🙂 Whatever it is, do your thing.

2) At the end of the day, sit down and think about what you’ve done. Write it all down, all of it. Include anything that involved moving yourself or objects, creating something, communicating with people in any way, having deep thoughts, having shallow thoughts, exercising, stretching, taking your meds, taking your vitamins, and any form of resting and recharging, even watching TV or playing computer games. Everything counts. Write it down with a little box in front of each item.

3) Take your pen proudly in hand, and go down the list, confidently checking each item without pausing to consider if it has been done. If it’s on the list, it has been done. It’s a to-done list.

That’s all! You did it! Great job!

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