You do not have to quit Facebook

You do not have to quit Facebook.
You do not have to turn off your computer and cell phone two hours before bed.
You do not have to fast from social media for a month,
read a Russian novel, meditate for an hour every day,
or wake up before dawn to go for a run.

All you have to do is close your eyes for a minute.
All you have to do is take a deep breath for a change, feel the oxygen flow to your
arms and feet and head.
All you have to do is step onto your porch and notice the sunset,
sleep in an extra ten minutes
or maybe put some real cream in your coffee for once.

Rilke wrote to his “neighbor God”
That the wall between them was very thin:
A cry from either of them would easily break it.

Why have you been doing nothing, out of fear that you cannot do everything?
Listen, all that stuff is lovely, good for you even,
But all that is required is a word.
One real word, spoken through the wall.
Or if you can’t think of anything to say,

Just take a moment to listen.
One moment. And maybe one the next day, too.
And even if you spend the rest of the evening binge-watching Netflix
I promise that moment will be enough to break down the wall.

~Jessica Faith Kantrowitz


Go to my Facebook page to read the original Mary Oliver poem and the Rainer Maria Rilke poem.


8 comments on “You do not have to quit Facebook

  1. Clay says:

    I really prefer yours more!

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  2. amyptucson says:

    Wonderful! Moving and inspiring 🙂


  3. suzysims1980 says:

    Love this! It is the quiet moments I feel that feed my soul the most. That quiet moment I listen for God’s Voice. That quiet moment I feel His Hand brush my shoulder.

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  4. Joy Geaslen says:

    This is freeing…thanks! 🙂

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