On Charleston and listening

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church

I don’t know what to do right now, but I know one thing I can always do, besides pray, is listen: Listen to the voices of those whose experience is different than mine, listen to those who are struggling and suffering, listen to those for whom current events represent more than an isolated day of horror. Two women who I am listening to right now are Austin Channing Brown and Dr. Yolanda Pierce. If you want to listen, too, they are on Twitter, talking about Charleston and what it means to them. https://twitter.com/austinchanning, and https://twitter.com/YNPierce

*Evening update: Osheta Moore wrote this beautiful treatise on what she needs from her white brothers and sisters. Osheta, I’m sorry, and I’m listening. What I need you to say in response to the shooting in Charleston


One comment on “On Charleston and listening

  1. Pam Nichols says:

    We all need to practice listening more (and better).


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