The single life, a poem


The Single Life
by Jessica Kantrowitz

“Where is that glass of water
I just poured myself?” I ask
The Christmas angel on my
Mantel. I couldn’t bear to put her
Away with the other decorations.

Because she is made of
Metal and glass, she is
Very polite, and only
Looks down at her trumpet,
Not wanting to embarrass me.

A real angel would be bolder.
Not sarcastic, exactly, but
A little bit condescending.
“Where were you when you last
Had it, silly girl?” she would say,

Shaking her head but with just
A hint of a smile, so I would know
She really liked me.


2 comments on “The single life, a poem

  1. Elaine Cohoon Miller says:

    Yes. I should go right this minute and bring that angel down from her summer hibernation so we can chat.


  2. Meredith W. says:

    We have a Christmas angel in our living room all year round, and we might have a Nativity scene still up, too. Why not?


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