My dearest April

*Note: This is the fourth in a series of letters I’ve been writing to the months. First I broke up with February (click here to read), then I tried to make it work with March (click here), then I took a leap of faith and sent a message to a month I’d met on the internet (here).*

IMG_0137Hey April!

I know we just got back from our date, but I wanted to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying our time together. You took a little while to warm up, but even on our first date you brought me flowers, so I knew you’d be worth taking the time to get to know. The rain was kind of a mixed signal, but it melted the snow my jerk of an ex had left all over the place, so I thank you for that. And you kept bringing me more flowers each day.

Then, that day last week when we went for lunch at that little Cuban place and got caught in the rain on the way home — that was so much fun! And we started singing the Jimmy Buffet song:

If you like Piña Coladas
And getting caught in the rain

Which we both thought was really funny since, you know, we’d met online, the modern day equivalent of a personal ad. It was so much fun, and so romantic, as the rain soaked my hair and ran down my face. And yesterday evening, even though I stayed home, you sent a mockingbird to trill its melodic repertoire of other birds’ songs outside my window. How did you know that mockingbirds are my favorite? Even more romantic than a boombox, in my humble opinion.

IMG_0117But, oh April. Our date today showed me a whole new side of you. You showed me how warm you could really be! I even felt comfortable enough around you to wear shorts, even though I’m self-conscious about my legs. But you made me feel beautiful! You took me on the first bike ride I’d been on since last fall, and it felt so wonderful to be outside again, without all the sweaters and scarves and hats and gloves that those other months made me wear. Just heavenly.

And, April when we came back to my place, it felt so good to let down my guard and open the windows and just let the fresh air come in. April, my dear, April. I haven’t opened my windows in such a long time. But I trusted you, and your breeze was even more warm and gentle than I’d imagined.

Tomorrow we have plans to hang out outside again. And you know what? I think I might open the windows again when I get home. And maybe… maybe even leave them open all night? Am I being too forward? Do you think it’s too soon? I just want to feel your soft breeze on my face while I sleep, and wake up to the sound of birdsong.

Good night, my love. Sleep well.



6 comments on “My dearest April

  1. Meredith W. says:

    Happy you have found a good match. 🙂


  2. Simply gorgeous. Light and Love to you and the Northern April (I live in Tasmania; our April’s a bit different).


  3. galeweithers says:

    A cute post; very creatively written. Can’t wait to see what you will write to May 🙂


  4. Hope Wiltfong says:

    Love your posts.


  5. Nora says:

    I ❤ it! Thank You for making me look at life a little differently.


  6. daniela says:

    thank you, this was a nice read.


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