Laundry list

Alternative to the dryer (if you do that sort of thing -- no judgement).

Laundry is obnoxious because it tricks you into thinking it’s just one chore, when it’s actually more like fourteen or fifteen. Here’s what you’re really doing when you “do the laundry.”

Chore #1) Find all the dirty clothes and towels — in the closet, under the bed, *in* the bed, in the bathroom, in the kitch
en (this alone takes forever).
Chore #2) Separate them (if you do that kind of thing — no judgement).
Chore #3) Put the first load in and start it.
Chore #4) Completely forget that you are doing laundry for several hours.
Chore #5) Remember and go switch the first load to the dryer and start the second.
Chore #6) Repeat step 4.
Chore #7) Take dry clothes out of the dryer and put the wet clothes in. Start to feel like you have been doing laundry ALL DAY because you basically have at this point.
Chore #8) Clean out the lint trap (if you do that sort of thing — no judgement, only your house might burn down [my mom said]).
Chore #9) Fold the first load (if you do that sort of thing — no judgement, only all your clothes will be wrinkly).
Chore #10) Repeat step 4. It may now be the next day or even later.
Chore #11) Remember again and take second load out.
Chore #12) Clean out the stupid lint trap again.
Chore #13) Fold the second load.
Chore #14) Put the clothes away (If you do that sort of thing — no judgement, and, really, no serious consequences).
Chore #15+) If you have a spouse and or kids, repeat all the things for a third, fourth, etc. load.


2 comments on “Laundry list

  1. So true! My small people also have the tendency to make it to step #3, and then completely forget about all the rest until no one has any socks.


  2. MissyB says:

    Hey I liked your story about doing the laundry…how true! Speaking of doing the laundry, I just stumbled on this very funny song/video which is the perfect compliment to play to get into the mood for doing mundane household chores. I don’t, however, recommend using a toilet bowl brush to scrub the dinner dishes though! I hope this brings a smile to your day as it did mine:


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