Option Three

makeupI saw a Revlon nail polish commercial yesterday, and the tag line was, “Don’t be envious; be envied.” No. No thank you. I can’t think of a worse way to deal with my own envy.

What a horrible, insipid idea, that the solution to our own feelings of inadequacy is to make others feel inadequate.

No, Revlon. I don’t want to be envious *or* envied. I choose option three: To appreciate the beauty of my sisters *and* celebrate my own. To build women up instead of trying to one-up. To release my own jealousy and replace it — not with vanity or disdain but with love. To care for and value my own body and marvel at the wonderful diversity of female bodies. To use my face to communicate compassion not superiority. To use my hands to touch and serve, not to repel.

I never want another woman to feel bad about herself because of me.

Who’s with me?


One comment on “Option Three

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes. This.


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