Took the boys to the Nature Center again today, in the rain. When I saw these pussy willows from a distance I thought they were covered in water droplets. I made the kids come back to the car with me to get my camera.



I love the subtle colors that the camera captured. It seemed like just a grey day, with the winter trees still bare. But look closer and there were blues, greens, reds, and whites.

We were wet and I was cold (under-dressed compared to the kids), but we had a blast. It is really a sacred place for me. I feel at peace there, I can breathe more deeply and focus on the moment and on what is in front of me.


2 comments on “Colors

  1. Matt Kantrowitz says:

    I wish we could see the whole world as a Nature Center, a sacred place where we could just breathe freely and focus on what’s in front of us…


  2. Scarlett says:

    The more I look, the more red I see in the second photo. Happy you have such a refreshing place to go.


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