The Spanish Plains are actually quite arid.

I love the rain.  I know, I know, everyone else is complaining about it, but to me it’s worth a hundred scented candles, a Zen garden, water fountain and plinky-plonky music all combined.  So peaceful.  Especially when it’s around 65 degrees and there’s a gentle breeze coming through my window.  Add Coldplay’s Prospekt March and the anticipation of a home-cooked meal with some of my favorite people, and the day seems perfect.  Well, maybe if I were right in the middle of a really good book…

Plug of the day:  My friend Sarah — incidentally my brother’s best friend’s wife, just to confuse you — is an amazing mural painter.  Look:



Sarah’s on the Northshore (is that one word or two?) and is, I believe, accepting commissions.  Leave a note if you’re interested and I’ll let her know.


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