Almost lost

The internet has a way of finding what I thought I’d lost, like old friends, and sometimes losing them again. I thought it had done it to me again, when a friend from myspace, who was technically (no pun intended) not lost, it’s just that I never hang out on myspace anymore, showed up on facebook and started posting all these interesting thoughts and writings and such, as this particular friend is prone to do, and then suddenly disappeared, left, without saying goodbye, leaving me with his comments tragically pale, literally (pun intended) rendered opaque to signify that a friend had come, commiserated, and left. But, the internet giveth again, and I have foundeth his shiney new 2009 blog, and in the spirit of that world wide generosity I share it with you.

As this friend likes to reminds me, You are not alone.


One comment on “Almost lost

  1. jeremy says:

    & it is so nice to see your blog! It’s lovely.

    All apologies for my abrupt departure from the book of faces. I felt like fleeing.

    It’s wonderful to connect with you again, Jessica.


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