Currently reading or planning to read

Auralia’s Colors, by Jeffery Overstreet.  It is wonderful so far, and the author is alive and still writing, which is my favorite kind.  Send him vitamens here.  Or just buy his book and he can buy his own vitamens, live long and keep writing books for me to read.

Culture Makers, by Andy Crouch.  Get in on the discussion here.

Nature’s Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith, by Daniel Harrell.  Read it, and/or come to my church where he is the associate pastor and listen to him preach.

I have recently been exploring the wide world of podcasts and audio books, and recommend very highly PRI: Selected Shorts, available on itunes, The Writer’s Almanac and The NewYorker Fiction podcast, also on itunes.  All of those are free.  There are also collections of old Selected Shorts episodes which are really fun to listen to.  The art of reading stories has suffered, I think, in our age of multimedia, but these readers do the great old stories justice.  My favorites so far are D.H. Lawrence’s The Rocking Horse read by John Shea, “There must be more money; there must be more money,” and Edith Wharton’s Roman Fever read by Maria Tucci.  They are on itunes or here.


3 comments on “Currently reading or planning to read

  1. sdsmith says:

    “Send him vitamins here.”



  2. Laura says:

    might I also recommend…

    The Shack by Young

    its fiction, and its not got all its theology right… but God definitely used it in some HUGE ways to help me understand some points He’s been working for awhile to teach me about who He is, how He works, and what TRUSTING Him really means and looks like.


  3. samuel says:

    Hey Jessica,

    Due to your comment I picked up Overstreet’s book today. Thanks for the reminder. My wife is already reading it and likes it.

    Peace to you.


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