Some of my creative friends

Into the Hill, an online magazine for music, film and literature lovers is going strong.

And while I have you here, check out the goings on at Bare Hill Barn. They have been visited by a film crew.
Now YOU tell ME what to read. Seriously. Go.



2 comments on “Some of my creative friends

  1. David Kern says:

    “Manalive” by GK Chesterton.


  2. Laura says:

    Currently with the Stone’s I’m reading the book of Judges.

    And I’ve been in the market for a new laptop and monitr so I’ve been reading alot of technical reviews.

    Thats about it lately other than just random friends blogs.

    Though I know for the upcoming road trip with the stone’s they’ve picked out two books for us to read outloud on the trip.


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