What I will be doing in twelve days…


Sans the attic, Tyler and David… 😦 But avec Graeme, Ashlee, Riley, Jacquie, Jordon and Aaron. Hopefully Aaron. I’m not sure whether R2D2 will be there.

“Bagshot Row is an artistic community which seeks to apply the values and lessons of true, good, and beautiful art to both the spiritual and practical elements of life. Originating in Dubuque, IA and founded by Graeme Pitman, David Kern, Tyler Smith, Justin Phelan, and Riley Miller, Bagshot Row is a mixture of faith, literature, word (both in essay/blog/musing and poetry), photography, prayer, design, music all bound up in the belief that our very lives can be worship. We meet infrequently on Thursday nights at 9pm to discuss things we have written or read or sometimes just to hang out in an attic.”


5 comments on “What I will be doing in twelve days…

  1. Riley says:

    i’m still gonna win at scrabble though.


  2. Aaron says:

    Can’t wait.


  3. readthemanual says:

    Looks like a good time. Don’t catch anyone’s house on fire with the candles and stuff. 🙂


  4. mikkele says:

    sounds like a good time!

    also, thanks for linking to me 🙂


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