New haircut.

Short, short, short! I love it! I’m already frustrated, though, that it is going to grow back so quickly. I will need a haircut every couple of months if I want to maintain this style. Thankfully, I found a really nice woman who will do it for $20, and be patient with me as I keep saying, “Actually, that’s not quite what I meant. Can you make it shorter? I mean, even shorter? Now can you make the sides shorter, too?”




See that little piece sticking up on the side?  I trimmed that — it’s not there anymore.  And I trimmed the edges of my bangs.  It’s a bit too much power for me, I think, the ability to trim my own hair.  It was difficult to put the scissors back down.


I am being clever in the bathroom mirror in this pic.


One comment on “New haircut.

  1. readthemanual says:

    Wow! How very brave of you! It looks great. I’ve had the same hair do since college. It’s a different color now…if that counts for something.

    The last picture made me giggle – you went all M.C. Escher on us…

    Very cool.


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